HostGator has the Range of Services to Meet Everyone’s Web Hosting Needs

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The variety of applications that we have for the Internet has created the demand for a range of Internet services that supply more than just a place to publish a simple website. We now use the web to store data like photos and important documents, to keep our databases, and for cloud services like Virtual Desktop and Software as a Service (SaaS). Some web hosts do offer very cheap packages, but these may not be suitable to all applications. When choosing the right web host for your Internet needs, it is a good idea to consider whether the web host service that you go with will be able to supply everything that you will require as your needs grow in the future.

With that in mind, we have examined the top web hosting companies to determine which ones offer the best comprehensive web hosting services at the best value. The reliability and technical support for the service, the standard features, and, of course the cost, have all been weighed to determine which web hosting companies are offering the best service.


#1: HostGator

HostGator was founded in Boca Raton, Florida, in 2002 and moved to its current location in Houston, Texas, in 2007. In that time, it has grown to host over 8 million domains. Managing over 12,000 servers, HostGator has also developed a reputation for providing excellent service, which has seen it become one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. All of this means that HostGator is able to offer the widest variety of web hosting packages available.

HostGator offers a range of web hosting options to suit every level of Internet usage, from a single domain plan that is sufficient for a hobby blogger to dedicated server packages, and everything in between. Shared hosting is available in three different packages, beginning with the Hatchling Plan, which allows a single domain with enough features to create a blog or a simple website for $3.96 per month, which can be reduced further with a new Hostgator coupon 2014. The Business Plan offers everything that is needed to set up an e-commerce site including SSL pages and a toll-free phone number for $10.36 per month.

There are also reseller packages from HostGator, starting at $24.95 per month for 50 GB up to $99.95 for 200 GB. These packages all come complete with everything needed to host websites for clients, including unlimited access to the cPanel website management system, website building software and a free billing system.

For people with more complex Internet usage than can be handled using shared hosting, HostGator offers both virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated server packages. VPS services come in an easily upgradable range of plans that start at $19.95 for 10 GB, and go up to $209.95 for 231 GB. There are nine options available, so HostGator is likely to have a plan that fits both your needs and your budget. For users that need greater security, HostGator has four dedicated server packages from $139 per month for 500 GB of disk space, going up to $299 per month for 1 TB of disk space and 8GB DDR3 RAM.

All HostGator web hosting accounts use the popular cPanel website management system, which allows users to access all of the features that come with their HostGator account. Installing scripts to create a website is a simple process, and with over fifty web design programs to choose from, it is possible to build any type of website that you want to. Other useful features like e-mail autoresponders and shopping cart scripts, as well as accessing all of your website’s statistics, can be done via the one application.

Just the variety of differently priced packages means that HostGator probably has a web hosting plan that will suit the precise needs of most people. When their award-winning service and all of the included features are considered, HostGator easily has the most user friendly web hosting package available at a price that is highly competitive.


#2: BlueHost

BlueHost doesn’t offer as large a range of web hosting packages as HostGator, but their all-inclusive, standard shared web hosting plan comes with all of the features needed to create a website, from a mommy blog up to a complex e-commerce website. Each account can have unlimited domains with as much disk space as they can use, and the bandwidth to cater to even the heaviest traffic. In addition, BlueHost supplies new accounts with a free domain name for the first year and backs this all up with excellent service and technical support. For a standard monthly rate of $3.95, BlueHost offers great value that makes it a clear second for quality of service.

BlueHost’s reseller plans are offered in three different packages starting from $19.95 per month for 100 GB up to $99.95 for 500 GB, at a transfer speed of 35 Mbps. Reseller accounts come with unlimited domains allowed, no restrictions on the use of cPanel or the number of MySQL databases, and include a free billing system and account management software. In this area of web hosting, BlueHost is priced slightly better than HostGator and comes with almost all of the same features, making this a viable option for many people.

BlueHost also includes support for multimedia streaming, allowing users to easily host their own webcasts and to post video and audio content. As multimedia content becomes more important to Internet marketing strategies, this may be a feature worth considering for medium and small sized businesses. Apart from these features, BlueHost and HostGator offer very similar features as a standard inclusion in all of their packages, and so it really comes down to the question of the amount of space that you need on the web.

BlueHost offers a great service that is suitable for small to medium sized Internet users, but doesn’t offer any VPS or dedicated server plans like the ones offered at HostGator. Even so, the state of the art technology that is used by BlueHost, as well as the excellent service available from their in-house technical support staff, makes their web hosting services worth considering. Unfortunately, they may not be able to accommodate your needs if you start needing a more secure web hosting service.  Make sure to check out this full review of everything you need to know about Bluehost.


#3:  GoDaddy

GoDaddy has been around since 1998, and in that time has grown into one of the largest web hosting services in the world with servers in the U.S., India, Singapore and the Netherlands. They are offering two levels of shared web hosting, their website builder, and a more standard web hosting plan. There is a range of dedicated server packages as well as a new cloud service that allows users to vary their usage, and only pay for what they have used.

The basic shared hosting on GoDaddy allows users to build either a 5 or 10-page website starting at $4.99 per month, up to a 999 page website for $9.99. The disk space and the bandwidth are also limited, which really limits their usefulness to smaller users and hobby bloggers. GoDaddy supplies their own web design software and includes a limited range of e-commerce scripts, meaning that it will probably be necessary to purchase third-party software to get all of the commercial functionality that you want. Because GoDaddy doesn’t use cPanel, installing scripts is more complicated and this could pose problems for less experienced users.

GoDaddy does have a very cheap range of server packages starting at $23.99 per month for the most basic package that includes 40 GB of disk space and 1 GB of RAM, up to $119.99 per month for 240 GB of storage and 8 GB of memory. These accounts are smaller than the packages offered by HostGator and the transfer speeds are generally slower too. All of this means that GoDaddy’s dedicated server packages offer less value for money than HostGator and very little more than BlueHost’s standard shared package. It might be more cost effective for many users to take advantage of GoDaddy’s cloud server plan, which allows users to pay for their Internet use at a flat hourly rate. This means that the less you use, the cheaper the service gets.

GoDaddy doesn’t offer any reseller packages, which means that it probably won’t suit web designers, marketers or other businesses that repackage web hosting for their own clients. It is still possible to resell web hosting on GoDaddy using their dedicated server, but it does require users to have their own management software.

For the most basic users with little or no experience, GoDaddy offers a straightforward web hosting service that will make it easy to post a blog or a family website. If you need a more complex Internet service, then GoDaddy is probably not the right web host for you. Because GoDaddy doesn’t use a simple and familiar content management system like cPanel for its website design, and because the unlimited web hosting plans are just a bit more expensive than either BlueHost or HostGator, they are a distant third to HostGator’s wide variety and flexibility of service.

HostGator Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Review

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HostGator is one of the most widely used and well revered shared web hosting companies existing these days. That being said, this review will focus primarily on the Virtual Private Servers that HostGator offers. How do they stand up against the competition in this extremely competitive industry? The people that utilize Virtual Private Servers are much harder to please than the traditional webmaster that typically only has one website.

These web developers can have multiple websites that they use to make a profit with. They require excellent client support, as well as all the other options that Virtual Private Server provides them. They need them to be working at the best level with consistency.

Using a Virtual Private Server is more difficult than merely uploading a website to a shared host. There are all types of choices and configurations that need to be setup properly to achieve the results you want. A number of these offer the flexibility to pick out the software you wish your server to run, the quantity of hard-drive and bandwidth to assign to every website, and also the style of firewall or alternative defensive software system that you will need to put in on your server.

If you’re a novice when it comes to these Virtual Private Servers, you may find it quite difficult getting your sites to operate properly. However, with HostGator, they provide totally managed Virtual Private Server solutions together with a superb self-assistance section which will guide you each step of the way.

You can choose from having two or four private IP addresses. Having private IP addresses for your website is important for search engine optimization, therefore your sites don’t get a bad name from neighbor sites that will share an IP with you during a shared hosting environment.

Virtual Private Server hosting includes unlimited domains & subdomains, unlimited email accounts and unlimited MySQL Databases. It’s your own virtual server! You also have full root access. You’ll be able to place the maximum amount that your resources allocation permits.

HostGator also will give you a free website builder software system, private DNS, around the clock superb client support and, if you prefer, they can totally manage your installation therefore you don’t need to worry about OS upgrades.

Hostgator can be slightly costlier than a number of their competitors, and they may not provide as many free add-ons or extra options as some others do.

But, HostGator provides amazing customer service and allows you to pay monthly with no future contract. Add to this their guaranteed almost 100 percent uptime and celebrated client support. All this positively makes Hostgator a significant choice to take into account when searching for a replacement web hosting supplier.

HostGator vs. BlueHost

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Both BlueHost and HostGator are well-developed brands in the internet hosting trade, who have very large client bases and are well-known for their great hosting service and excellent client support. Considering BlueHost solely provides Linux Shared Hosting whereas HostGator includes a lot of larger products from Shared Hosting and VPS hosting to dedicated server, in looking at BlueHost vs HostGator, we’ll only compare their Shared Linux hosting to see which one is better.

Founded in 1996, BlueHost is an internet hosting provider with a long history in the hosting industry. Its mission is to assist customers with hosting their internet sites simply at an inexpensive cost.  BlueHost currently is hosting over 3,000,000 domains, which makes it one of the biggest internet hosts ever. BlueHost has three datacenters, and all of them are situated in Utah.

HostGator is also a leading company in the internet hosting industry. Its customers vary from individual freelancers to global firms in over two hundred countries. Until now, it’s been hosting over eight million internet sites, which makes up a significant portion of the world’s web traffic.

HostGator is additionally an eco-friendly hosting service supplier, and its datacenters are in Texas.

BlueHost simply offers one hosting set up, which just about covers everything folks need to produce, build, and develop their websites. However, HostGator offers three shared hosting plans all of which come with totally different options. Consistent with HostGator’s website, all of their three shared hosting plans use an equivalent server with identical constraints on system resources, and the only distinction between them are the options.

Both businesses are better known for their performance and reliability. As far as the guarantees, both HostGator and BlueHost give nearly a 100% uptime guarantee – that’s nearly perfect, which means that there’s not like to be any problems even if the servers are down for a second!

Both the businesses use the latest technologies, servers and CPU’s that are maintained by well-experienced engineers. That’s why, in performance and reliability, it can be said that each are similar. They both provide top quality service and guarantees so that you can get the performance that you are looking for.

Both HostGator vs BlueHost supply simple choices for beginners, supporting their website development. This is by far one of the foremost essential factors usually taken into consideration by nearly every customer while selecting any product or service. You always want to pick the service that offers you the most for your money. This way you can save money and instead focus on building your site.

The pricing is nearly identical for each HostGator and BlueHost – whereas HostGator offers three hosting packages with the costs ranging from around $4 per month, BlueHost provides a hosting package at a flat fee of nearly $5 per month.

Prices could vary between single domain and multiple domains, therefore opt for the plan that best provides you with the services you need.

HostGator vs. GoDaddy

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Hosting is the lifeline of any website. When getting into the blogging business, the foremost recommended place to register your domain is GoDaddy. No doubt, it’s one of the simplest services to use when it comes to registering domains.

On the opposite hand, HostGator is another name highly recommended regarding the most effective web hosting. HostGator is touted to be one of the most effective hosting service providers, and its plans are superb, providing the most for each budget.

GoDaddy is renowned for their racy commercials; however those within the web hosting business understand that GoDaddy is additionally celebrated globally for their web hosting and domain name services. GoDaddy manages more of the other domain names around the world than the other single domain name registrar, or web hosting supplier. Several web hosting corporations find one very little niche market they’re good at and focus all of their attention to just one solid web hosting product. However in contrast to other hosts, GoDaddy has been able to find a number of web hosting merchandise and services they’re good at and are able to develop some very solid products to suit the requirements of a large variety of customers.

HostGator, very similar to GoDaddy, has been able to expand their web hosting products and services beyond that of the regular shared web hosting suppliers. HostGator offers not only shared web hosting but additionally Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. HostGator is also amongst the highest leading web hosts, managing over five million domains globally.

HostGator has three web hosting plans, namely the hatchling plan, the baby plan and also the business plan. The hatchling plan is the most basic plan, offering to host just one domain, whereas the remainder will host unlimited domains. All feature unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity that is fantastic for every webmaster. All plans provide unlimited e-mails. The business plan provides a toll free number also. HostGator provides a refund feature for the primary month and a half.

GoDaddy also have 3 plans – economy, deluxe and the ultimate. None of these plans give unlimited bandwidth. The economy plan will host one domain whereas the other 2 will host unlimited domains.

The economy plan provides a 100GB restricted diskspace, whereas the other 2 give unlimited disk space. GoDaddy offers you one hundred and five hundred e-mail addresses in the economy and the deluxe plans respectively; whereas the ultimate plan provides unlimited e-mail addresses for your domain.

HostGator and GoDaddy provide round the clock web hosting client service. However, although their client support desk is obtainable anytime with live support, with GoDaddy there’s no toll-free telephone number whereas HostGator is toll-free. This might not be a big deal to most folks these days with the use of cell phones however it is worth mentioning. GoDaddy claims to have hold times of only two minutes and their knowledgeable employees are able to assist you in a fast and economical manner.

HostGator Reseller Hosting Review

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When we say reseller hosting, we are referring to bulk reseller hosting plans. They are large internet hosting plans that are powered by special internet hosting control panels that allow the owner to divide that enormous reseller hosting account into smaller hosting plans and sell them at a lower cost to end users.

HostGator is amongst the foremost renowned hosting corporations that specializes in providing low price reseller hosting solutions that embrace not only reliable internet hosting reseller plans, but also offer some further options free of charge like free seller accounts, free internet hosting templates to use for a hosting reseller website, and a free eNom domain reseller account. These features combined together permits the resellers to easily set up and run an internet hosting reseller business.

All low-cost hosting reseller plans provided by HostGator are powered by WHM/cPanel board and have the flexibility to host unlimited internet sites, even on the most affordable reseller internet hosting account. HostGator supports many alternative languages, and has over thirty free scripts which will be put in instantly via Fantastico.

When you are starting as a reseller you want prime quality service and support from your internet host at an honest rate. After you get a reseller package from HostGator you’re safe because their technicians ensure that your purchasers don’t experience any down time and the support employees are available if you need them.

HostGator client support is obtainable all the time via telephone, live chat, and support ticket system to assist. HostGator also provides an uptime guarantee and features a declared uptime of almost 100%. HostGator servers are housed in four data centres in Dallas, Texas. HostGator hosting features a long partnership with The Planet, guaranteeing reliable service through access to 1 of the world’s best networks. All data centres feature redundant power, HVAC, and fire detection systems, and are monitored round the clock by HostGator.

HostGator reseller internet hosting sets the quality for inexpensive, high-profit reseller hosting plans. Set-up is simple: in a mere number of minutes, new resellers can set up and launch their very own internet hosting business. By reselling HostGator’s tested internet hosting services – the firm has been in business and growing since 2002 – resellers understand they are managing quality and knowledge.

HostGator reseller hosting is just one of the company’s several services. If you are looking for shared hosting, VPS or a dedicated server, HostGator hosting can give you these too. For dependable hosting and an excellent partner in your new internet hosting business, you should seriously consider HostGator internet hosting.

Reseller hosting is the best approach for people or small businesses to supply their own internet hosting service. Good reseller hosting can directly verify whether or not the customers hosting business can be prosperous.

HostGator Review

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Since its birth, the HostGator employees including over 700 technicians has provided host services to shoppers in over two hundred countries. HostGator offers internet host service packages, dedicated servers, VPS host service and reseller host service. HostGator also offers the simple to understand and use website Builder, allowing anyone to create their own site. They additionally register domains and provide no cost domain and file transfers if you have an online page hosted elsewhere.

HostGator offers unlimited storage capacity and bandwidth and no cost online page templates and website building tools for even the cheapest economical plans. They also supply unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts and sub domains.

HostGator offers four main services: shared host service, reseller host service, VPS host service, and dedicated servers. The firm, as mentioned, focuses on shared host service. The great thing regarding their shared host service is that it permits you to host unlimited domains in one account, and it comes with unlimited storage capacity and bandwidth.

The hatchling set up provides the foremost basic needs for a website, although you’ll only host one domain. The Baby plan is the preferred selection among customers, providing you with advanced internet host service options, and therefore the performance rate is up to par with the Business plan, that prices higher. The Business plan offers complimentary non-public SSL and dedicated IP, and your own customer service number. As the name suggests, this set up is the best option for a lot of strong websites looking to sell their merchandise directly from their website.

If you would like to earn extra money on-line, HostGator recommends its reseller host service. This kind of internet host service is priced in keeping with your needs: aluminum, copper, silver, gold, or diamond. The distinction among the 5 falls on your needed storage capacity, bandwidth, and number of domains. Apart from that, the services are additional or less of an equivalent good quality.

HostGator’s Linux VPS host service is a perfect choice if you’re yearning for a service that goes in between shared host service and dedicated host service. The VPS host service packages are divided into nine levels, focusing on your needs.

Dedicated servers are suggested if you would like to possess full management on your website. HostGator offers dedicated host service to both Linux and Windows platforms therefore the price for each of the operative systems are more or less comparable.

The company offers all the overall and expected internet host service options that almost all users are seeking, like a complimentary website builder and website building tools; a good selection of distinctive and complimentary website templates; complimentary transfer for existing sites; 1-click scripts which will be instantly put in to your site; latest cPanel interface; unlimited email accounts; and the use of an eco-friendly internet host service. Each package also comes with spam protection software for maximum protection of your website.

HostGator offers several options in ensure you’ll have everything you would like in just a single internet host service. For additional information regarding HostGator, visit their website now.